Searle in America

I was so excited to get to contribute this piece for Searle in America, an awesome project conducted by Matt Jones. There's never been an exhibition of Ronald Searle's work in California, but The Cartoon Art Museum will host the show this fall in San Francisco!

'ol Ronald had a positive influence on so many of us. These Searle-inspired pieces from a bunch of peeps in the animation/cartooning/illustration world will go on auction soon to help pay for the shipping of Searle's treasures. Get ready, ebay.

Be sure to check out Matt's great Searle tribute blog, by the way  -- http://ronaldsearle.blogspot.com



Ashley Perez said...

This is an amazing piece! Cheers to you!

Anita Landree said...

Love it! I actually enjoy a cat on my head, but this is way funnier! Also, "The bubbles...give me ideas!"