No Good Deed

Been listening to the Wicked soundtrack again -- couldn't help myself! This resulted from listening to "No Good Deed" over and over... I may have gone a little crazy with the white lines, but it was fun!


Searle in America

I was so excited to get to contribute this piece for Searle in America, an awesome project conducted by Matt Jones. There's never been an exhibition of Ronald Searle's work in California, but The Cartoon Art Museum will host the show this fall in San Francisco!

'ol Ronald had a positive influence on so many of us. These Searle-inspired pieces from a bunch of peeps in the animation/cartooning/illustration world will go on auction soon to help pay for the shipping of Searle's treasures. Get ready, ebay.

Be sure to check out Matt's great Searle tribute blog, by the way  -- http://ronaldsearle.blogspot.com



c'mon, lady! clean up!

As someone who is naturally prone to mess, I never, ever want this to happen to me (terrified of roaches). Therefore, I try to clean my apartment on a regular basis.  I figured this drawing could serve as a reminder of the horrible fate that awaits should I fail my mission. Motivated by fear? I guess so...


*electric guitar music*

The POWAAAAAAH!!! Been listening to some metal and wanted to draw this. The type of music you listen to will affect your drawings. Check this guy out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jB3z0bz7kY

Have a happy day!


D&D update

Sooo Torgga hasn't exactly been brightest of the bunch. We did some modifications to up her ante (her INT is now more than 7) for the next game, but this happened a while ago: We got attacked shortly after she shouted for her brother impulsively (ok, ok... I shouted, but it was in character!) and got everyone in trouble. We were ambushed by ugly kobolds. Yeah.


This is fairly accurate based on my experience so far.