This week marks the beginning of a journey. My friend Everett has gathered up a bunch of us wanna-be nerds to play Dungeons and Dragons this week after work. Behold, my character Torgga! A little on the ditzy side but with great strength and charisma, Torgga is a knight from the Mountain Dwarf bunch.

Let's roll!


This Weekend!

Good evening, lads and lasses! This weekend is the Cartoon Art Museum's Pixar Benefit! http://cartoonart.org/2012/09/spend-the-day-at-pixar-animation-studios/

I contributed a drawing of Merida & bros. Here's a teaser image, (taken with my phone at a slightly distored angle so you gotta see it in person - gotcha!)

Wee devils!


today I came home from work...

UPDATE: turns out they weren't smashed - my neighbors informed me of the birds/raccoons in our neighborhood who were guilty. I'm already plotting my revenge for next year... 

trick or treat




Been a while! Ok, so... I promise I was drawing this summer.

I was lucky enough to do the summer story internship at Pixar! It was an amazing and very very humbling experience. I learned a lot... A LOT, haha. And I just got hired to work in the story department, starting in October! I'm so excited AND I feel super weird... I can't believe this is happening.

When I was a wee lass, I was a big fan of Pixar. Toy Story came out when I was 7 and I was obsessed with it. I talked about it all the time, sometimes at my poor parents' expense:

Love you, Mom and Dad. :)

Here's to a new adventure! ("Adventure is out there!") 

I can't seem to get this expression off my face. Apologies in advance to future coworkers.