Even though I'm too young to remember much of 1984-1994 (born in 1987) I watched Waking Sleeping Beauty and found myself wishing to dress the way my heroes did back in the 80s/early 90s. Katzenberg glasses, hawaiian shirts, mom jeans and all.

let's pitch a story

Using paper and pegs

Hangin' with my old pal the lunchbox.

and whatever this page is


Tammy said...

now i want to dress in hawaiian shirts tucked into mom jeans an all :)

H. A. said...

HAHAHA!! Oh man, I totally agree!!! I think the animation department needs a day that celebrates the glory days of animation by everyone dressing accordingly (p.s. your face in these drawings is crackin me up)

Vincent Nappi said...

oh man
mom jeans and hawaiian shirts
I guess it doesn't get much better
thanks for the laughs, Louise! I hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

please make a film about that little guy on the bottom, he is awesome!! such a sucker for old people drawn well!!