some life drawings and a cat

Trying different styles. Drew this while watching "Cats Don't Dance" with some friends. I got inspired by the style of the film, so I tried it out:

Life drawings:

waka waka


Ladies in Church

Every Sunday evening service at church I see these same elderly ladies in the same row. I usually tell my friends I hope that'll be us when we're older. Bring on the crow's feet and cardigan sweaters. I'm ready.


first ticket in LA

folks, don't always trust what your GPS tells you ("make a U turn...make a U turn... MAKE A U TURN!!!") because she'll get you in trouble with the law. after a good scolding i threw her in the glove compartment and just followed the signs. worked better that way after all. :)

life goes on


E.T. Studies

It took me years to get over my intense fear of E.T. I watched it with my family when I was a kid and I remember saying "I DON'T WANNA SEE THE SPACEMAAAAAAN" during the toolshed scene. Well, after nearly 20 years of E.T. fear (yes, 20) I decided to suck it up and watch it, then draw from it. I think I chose the "Phone Home" scene because his wig is hilarious (therefore, less scary?).


design yourself

did it again. fun class - thanks Andy!

and some early designs for my film character i ended up scrapping/changing. thought i'd post anyway :)



...with dan "the man" hansen

he told us to draw a goat in a jungle. haha



not sure if this is anything yet, but thought I'd post it anyway.

Star Tours

It was a 3 hour line! I'll go next time. Felt like drawing an enthusiastic kid, Mickey and lightsaber... the best of both worlds...



my buddy Michael Piazza. We all drew names over at doodlepoops, a CalArts summer doodles blog.

also, i love cats now. i used to hate them but since i've been spending time with my godmother this summer, her two cats have really won my heart. this just happened and i loved it.

yay cats :)



Woody Allen

I started a Woody Allen marathon yesterday. First up was "Annie Hall". His new movie, "Midnight in Paris" is pretty great too. Woody makes me feel less weird about all my neurotic tendencies. :D


Art for Japan

I did these pieces at CalArts for Notes to Japan, a student organization that collects donations from artists to send art to Japan in the hope that it can offer some form of encouragement to the Tsunami victims. Aide from the actual physical help and donations we can offer, this seemed like a good way to express sympathy and support to those affected. I had no idea what to draw so I guess these are a little stereotypical, but hopefully they can bring someone's spirits up? Pray for healing, donate funds.



Even though I'm too young to remember much of 1984-1994 (born in 1987) I watched Waking Sleeping Beauty and found myself wishing to dress the way my heroes did back in the 80s/early 90s. Katzenberg glasses, hawaiian shirts, mom jeans and all.

let's pitch a story

Using paper and pegs

Hangin' with my old pal the lunchbox.

and whatever this page is