Took me a while to hunt one down! You'd think there'd be lots of acorns in California, but I really had to hunt for this little guy.


Laura Sanderson Healy said...

I love acorns, and chestnuts. Fall is here! Please send me your address, Louise. xox GM

Panda said...

That's cute, i liked it :D
Do you know about good animation colleges? I really need to know!

Louise Smythe said...

Thanks, Laura!

Panda - I'm currently studying animation at CalArts, and it's pretty amazing so far! You should definitely consider it. Another good school is Ringling. I have some friends who study/have studied there. Good luck!

Louise Smythe said...

oh and also be sure to check out John K's resources. He's a walking book on animation.



Jeffrey Lai said...

hope your havin fun at Calarts!
I do love that painterly first acorn!

Panda said...

Thank you a lot Louise!!! I am asking about this in all the animation blogs that I know. Do you think those colleges accept students from another countries? Because I am from Brazil...And do they have to see my work? Sorry about all those questions, but I kind of lost in this subject.

Louise Smythe said...

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Panda - Yes, for CalArts you should submit a portfolio of lots of life drawings and other artwork as well, but mostly life drawings. draw people at the beach, in your sketchbook around town, wherever. go to classes if you can. there's a good episode of The Animation Podcast that focuses on getting into animation schools, especially CalArts.