illustration academy, project 1

And we're back to the good ol' shape assignment! This is very hard to do. All shape, no line, limited values within objects (about 30% difference). Very tough, but I learned a lot from it!

Things are going well here in Kansas City! Being with Gary Kelley and Mark English, John English, George Pratt, and Brent Watkinson is mind blowing! I can't wait to get started on the new assignment. Hope everyone is having a good summer. :)


Herman G said...

great, Im gonna try this. thanx

nice color scheme

Louise Smythe said...

thanks, herman!

Ricky Cometa said...

this is awesome! it's personally difficult for me to do shapes and value like this, so i love when people can pull this off. when it's done right it looks great, and this looks great! :D

virginia said...

me gustó mucho tu trabajo... felicitaciones!