Conceptual Portrait - Johnny Weir

Anita Kunz's assignmnet - a conceptual portrait of someone in the public eye. Of course I picked this man.


Sellin' Out :)

Hey, everyone! I'm going to study animation at CalArts in the fall, which is awesome but expensive. So, I am opening for commissions in the meantime! I'll do character sketches easily, and if you want something like a scene, a portrait, or a landscape then contact me for additional pricing info. Please email me a description of the type of media you're interested in - will gladly go digital or traditional for ya. :)



Blue Ribbon

Things are going well at the Illustration Academy! Francis Vallejo and Kenny Callicutt have been chillin' in the studio with us lately, helping out and having fun. I love working in a studio with other artists. It helps to have lots of creative people around motivating and encouraging each other.


illustration academy, project 1

And we're back to the good ol' shape assignment! This is very hard to do. All shape, no line, limited values within objects (about 30% difference). Very tough, but I learned a lot from it!

Things are going well here in Kansas City! Being with Gary Kelley and Mark English, John English, George Pratt, and Brent Watkinson is mind blowing! I can't wait to get started on the new assignment. Hope everyone is having a good summer. :)