sketchbook pages

julie & julia


cartoon character skeleton - study of Disney/Glen Keane's Beast:

cartoon character skeleton: study of Bill Waterson's Hobbes:

head studies - some of these are from my head and some are from movies/photos and studies of other artists' work, like Sergio Toppi, Al Dorne, Leyendecker and Stevie Lewis.

life drawing

Kirby studies

bunch 'o stuff.


Herman G said...

Geez Louise.. :) (no pun intended) You are an "Art monster", characters to backgrounds. Keep on Rockin

Louise Smythe said...

haha, thanks herman!

Euphoria said...

I´m watching that movie right now!!! What a coincidence! I like your work, there´s freedom in it. Congratulations!

Del Rey said...

Great stuff! sweet sketchbook pages !!

Alexis said...

who is kirby? those look great! always looking for new inkers to study from ;p

these sketchbook pages are wonderful, i especially love the pages of heads and the composed scenes with the bed.