Book Cover

Our recent assignment in class was to illustrate a book cover. Our instructor, John Hendrix, made up all of the titles and authors and we took on designing and illustrating the cover with our own interpretation. It was very open and very fun!


collaboration and coffee

Friend and designer, Emily Oswald, had a bunch of us contribute designs for coffee sleeves. Her project is tatoo themed, so I did the sleeve below. It was a lot of fun!


sketchbook pages

julie & julia


cartoon character skeleton - study of Disney/Glen Keane's Beast:

cartoon character skeleton: study of Bill Waterson's Hobbes:

head studies - some of these are from my head and some are from movies/photos and studies of other artists' work, like Sergio Toppi, Al Dorne, Leyendecker and Stevie Lewis.

life drawing

Kirby studies

bunch 'o stuff.