Thesis update

I can say thesis is moving along slow and steady, with lots of story kinks to work out. a little preview of a rough:

I'm getting a little obsessed with Ronal Searle and 1950s UPA stuff. I think it's starting to show through in my drawings, and it looks like the project will be taking on a visual language I haven't really delved into before. I am looking forward to the final art with excitement but also a little anxiety, as this is all new. It's been a real blast so far, though. :)


Pablo said...

I like the preview. Thanks for posting it Louise. I hope you'll be able to share your final project with us once it's completed. I'm sure it's going to look fantastic.

Louise Smythe said...

thanks, pablo! i'll definitely share it once things are all finalized. it will be finished very soon!