Thesis update

I can say thesis is moving along slow and steady, with lots of story kinks to work out. a little preview of a rough:

I'm getting a little obsessed with Ronal Searle and 1950s UPA stuff. I think it's starting to show through in my drawings, and it looks like the project will be taking on a visual language I haven't really delved into before. I am looking forward to the final art with excitement but also a little anxiety, as this is all new. It's been a real blast so far, though. :)


Society of Illustrators Student Annual Competition

My painting of Sophie made its way into the 2010 SOI Student Scholarship Competition in New York! I guess taking out the speech bubble and hearts helped. :)

This is very exciting news. My buddies Kirsten, Mike, David, and Jon got their work in as well! Congrats to all of the winners - you deserve it!