playin' with animation


Herman G said...

Cool Louise.. I think animation makes you a greater Illustrator because it you'll instantly see if the drawing is off and balanced and have a greater sense of life. I'm 3d mainly, and lookin to migrate later to 2d. But now I can see if stuff didnt look right or they where just doing the same stock poses.
Those are lookin great, If I could make a suggestion? On cycles to get a crit let it run like 9 revolutions. here is an example of what i show my teacher http://thelesserunknown.blip.tv/file/3132965?filename=TheLesserUnknown-Skip5100sTrickChallenge797.mov
Keep Going..

Louise Smythe said...

thanks, Herman! How did you edit yours to loop?

Herman G said...

its quicktime, upgrade to quicktime pro if you havent already. Cut and paste adding your 15+ frame cycle from end to end till you have 9 cycles. And to "loop" its in the menu and clik on loop, and make sure to save it when you have checked the loop setting.

Just email me, what you need to do, I will explain more if you need more info. Always glad to help solve stuff.

Louise Smythe said...

thanks so much! i will get on it when i can.

Colin Boyer said...

"Hey! Listen!"