Sorry things have gotten so slow around here - it's been a busy semester! Here are some storyboards from a few weeks back. A silent conflict between two characters. Kevin and Daphne are taking a pop quiz... uh oh.


100 figures assignment

This past weekend was DB Dowd's famous 100 figures assignment. Basically we had one weekend to produce 100 figure drawings, at least 11" x 14". It was crazy! Some of my buddies and I were in the studio until 6 am, but we got the drawings done. It was a really useful assignment in learning a bit about your work and finding some surprises in it. I thought I'd post some of the ones I liked out of the 100.

NOTE: some of these but not all of them are from photo reference. There's a great website called characterdesigns.com that has a lot of models to browse through. Definitely worth it for figure practice! I also used some refs from the blog mentioned in the below post. I thought it would be useful to see what I could make up from my head versus what I drew from reference or from life.