sketchbook post

NOTE: Some of these images were drawn from reference posted on a wonderful blog: http://jblyth.com/blog.html It has interesting photos of so many different things that are fun to sketch! Check it out.

Special thanks to Brian over at the Saint Louis Drawing and Painting Blog for posting this entry! Check out the blog here.


This Thursday!

John Hendrix's book signing is this Thursday, 6pm, at Subterranean Books (6275 Delmar). John is an amazing illustrator and instructor and has a great sense of humor to top it off. Not only will you get a signed copy of his book, John Brown: His Fight for Freedom, but you'll also get to see original sketches and work from the book hanging up on the wall. It's pretty super. I saw a little preview of the work last year when he did a demo for our class at Washington University, and I can tell you it's well worth a copy (or two - a gift for a friend)! The show is up until the last week of September, I think. Check it out. :)

John's cover illustration:


The Mall Starbucks

I used microns and watercolor on bristol, which did not result in an even application of tone, so I should probably try something different next time for large areas. I had a lot of fun with these characters, though. :)