Academy Style - in digital form

I thought I'd apply the method of figure drawing we learned at the Illustration Academy to digital art. This was a fun experiment and I love the way it works. You focus on shape and silhouette rather than line and edge. A good way to "train your brain."

I really like those glasses, don't I? hah!
done in PS CS3


more sketchbook pages

Here's a collection of various sketches from the past few weeks. The pages include the Academy, airport sketches, and a trip to borders/various.


FAST figure drawing with George Pratt

Figure drawing with George Pratt is probably one of the most fun and challenging experiences - you do lots of 5 second gestures and exercises like drawing the right side of the figure with your right hand and the left side with your left hand at the same time with 2 different colors ("falling water" exercise - do it)! This man knows his stuff, and I had a lot of fun in the sessions.


some figure drawings

here at the academy we have had figure drawing twice a week, and i thought I'd start posting some of my drawings from the sessions...



This week we have 3 guests teaching us - Robin Eley, Andrea Wicklund, and Edward Kinsella III (or Ted). They are talented illustrators and have great insight in the field, especially since they are so young. I drew a Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series (the 4th sketch) when I found out Andrea works for Valve over in Seattle! I'm not really much of a gamer but Valve's game design is really unique and gorgeous, and their Team Fortress 2 animated shorts are hilarious and well done. They used Leyendecker as inspiration as well as Cornwell and all the greats, which makes me happy.

project 4 - conversation piece

C. F. Payne was our guest last week and our project was to illustrate a conversation between two characters that had a story.

I think we all know those mean girls...