Project 3 - Envy

We were randomly assigned one of the seven deadly sins and I received "envy." Penguins are birds who can't fly so I thought I'd take advantage of that. 

Pastel and colored pencil on paper.


Project 2 - Conan

We had to do a portrait of a person in the public eye, and it needed to be someone we either love or hate so I picked Conan O'Brien (because I love him and he's the funniest talk show host around). Points if you can guess what's going on - if you watch the show a lot, you'll probably know. 

Oil painting is something new to me but I wanted to challenge myself and experiment. I really love oils now - they're fun to work with. 



just some sketches for fun
the one on the same page as adama is a leyendecker study


first project!

This is the first assignment for the Academy - it's to teach us to think about design, composition, color, and value. I really love this assignment because it was exactly what i needed to work on in my image-making. The rules were: it has to be something about Sarasota, it has to be done with flat color, and it has to focus on shape and pattern. The shadows can only be at 20%. 

This nice lady was selling hot dogs one humid Sarasota afternoon. She was really cool and friendly. I hope I did her justice in the piece! Sorry the photo is not very good.