Back from Spring Break! - Some sketches

Well, L.A. was a BLAST! I met Jay Leno, met Simpsons animator Al Holter (heck of a nice guy) and visited lots of studios (including Universal - the Jurassic Park ride is amazing). It was fun. I had some nice down time with my family and got a good peek at the animation business. 


Jennifer Harlow said...

Hello Louise!

Happy to hear you had a fun time in LA! :) Also really nice studies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting. It's great you got to visit CalArts and get an idea of just how cool the place is. I definately adore the school and wouldn't trade my time here for anything. I'm actually a 2nd year student so I still have a little bit of time left. Anyways, if you have any further questions or want a student guided tour the next time you visit---feel free to let me know! :)

Louise Smythe said...

thanks! i might take you up on that. ;)