Mele Kalikimaka!

I've been interested in exploring shape stuff lately, so here's a Hawaiian lady wearing a dress I saw online and want very, very badly. I got a lot of inspiration from looking at Pascal Campion, Britney Lee, and Kevin Dart. I have "Christmas Island" stuck in my head right now...

EDIT: this song is fitting, I think :)

Oh and a self-portrait. I tried to do my best Stallone face... haha

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Spread good cheer. :)


Happy Holidays!

My best friends got all dressed up to wish you a wonderful holiday season! Stay safe and warm, everyone!



I had an assignment to draw a pile of verbs. I used ink and brush, and I looked at a lot of Rea Irvin and Ronald Searle for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites of the bunch!




Christmas break is finally here, and I'm home and cozy next to the tree. It's great to see my family again. :)


The Three Sisters

I used graphite and digital paint in PS. The trees are mostly graphite with digital washes and the sisters are mostly digital paint with just a bit of graphite underneath. It was fun balancing everything out and learning when to hold back and when to push forward.


Airport sketch

Drew this while waiting for the flight to CTN-X - it was an amazing trip! I definitely wanna go again next year.



Hi, all! Here are some experiments from the past few weeks. The first one is gouache and ink, the second is graphite, and the last is just a messy watercolor test that I kinda like. The second one is inspired by Paul Felix/Haylee Herrick - thanks for posting about him, Haylee!

I am going to be at CTN-X this weekend and I cannot express my enthusiasm enough! I can't wait for these events! Hope to see you there! Check it out if you are not familiar: http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/



Sorry things have gotten so slow around here - it's been a busy semester! Here are some storyboards from a few weeks back. A silent conflict between two characters. Kevin and Daphne are taking a pop quiz... uh oh.


100 figures assignment

This past weekend was DB Dowd's famous 100 figures assignment. Basically we had one weekend to produce 100 figure drawings, at least 11" x 14". It was crazy! Some of my buddies and I were in the studio until 6 am, but we got the drawings done. It was a really useful assignment in learning a bit about your work and finding some surprises in it. I thought I'd post some of the ones I liked out of the 100.

NOTE: some of these but not all of them are from photo reference. There's a great website called characterdesigns.com that has a lot of models to browse through. Definitely worth it for figure practice! I also used some refs from the blog mentioned in the below post. I thought it would be useful to see what I could make up from my head versus what I drew from reference or from life.


sketchbook post

NOTE: Some of these images were drawn from reference posted on a wonderful blog: http://jblyth.com/blog.html It has interesting photos of so many different things that are fun to sketch! Check it out.

Special thanks to Brian over at the Saint Louis Drawing and Painting Blog for posting this entry! Check out the blog here.