Caricatures from Dinner.

Drew these of my friends at dinner today. Top to bottom they are Addie, Jared, Nathan, and Jeff. I played with a few different approaches, and I think I like Nathan the best (the one with the stubble and girly eyelashes, shazam!).  

The more I look at these, the more I think they could go even further. Some are more on the realistic side, but a couple are heading in the right direction. I might revise some of them and do a follow-up post. 

Oh, and sorry about the somewhat shaky photo quality. I should work on steadying my hand. 


Bob Flynn said...

Hi Louise! Just got your comment on my blog (thanks!)...impressive art blog you've got going over here, too :)

I took a few minutes to scan through it--a lot of fun and great drawings. Expressive, which is what I'm personally drawn to. Your Vegas illustrations are REALLY well done. Nice figurative work, and wow...you have a knack for color.

Anyway, say hi to Doug and WashU for me...and keep drawing! Your work shows a ton of potential.

Louise Smythe said...

Oh, man thanks! you basically do what I wanna do, so that means a lot!