Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is my first Christmas with my blog. LET'S CELEBRATE!



Another one! This is for Elise and our friend Eric. They're both awesome people. 


I drew people at the airport today while I was sitting at my gate. Sometimes I feel nervous/awkward when drawing on site because I worry people will be creeped out if they catch me staring them down and documenting their every move (kinda). Today I did not feel that way. I don't know why... maybe I'm just more comfortable with it by now. It was nice. 

Here's a detail:

And I kept working on caricature. This time I tried drawing myself - which I think is the hardest thing to do in caricature work. You have to be really honest and critical with your look, and when you see yourself every day in the mirror it is easy to forget what distinct features you have and just take them for granted. I think I got past that after two tries, and I ended up with this:

Caricatures from Dinner.

Drew these of my friends at dinner today. Top to bottom they are Addie, Jared, Nathan, and Jeff. I played with a few different approaches, and I think I like Nathan the best (the one with the stubble and girly eyelashes, shazam!).  

The more I look at these, the more I think they could go even further. Some are more on the realistic side, but a couple are heading in the right direction. I might revise some of them and do a follow-up post. 

Oh, and sorry about the somewhat shaky photo quality. I should work on steadying my hand. 


Random Celebrity Doodle

i've been trying to learn how to caricature lately - this is a first (and too safe) attempt from a week ago. i will update soon with some that are hopefully gutsier. for now, enjoy Random Celebrity...
her name escapes me


messed around on a whiteboard

a bunch of us all got together this weekend for the extended lord of the rings and i have to say it was pretty fun. i drew this during the watching. 


zoo cards

a bit of pixelation... will fix that. I also might rearrange a few ... like the wildebeest and zebra.


Zoo Playing Cards - initial sketches

These are some of my stage 1 ideas for the zoo cards. We'll see what happens in critique tomorrow!


Zoo Trip

Some of my sketches that don't suck as much as the others... haha. 


Bahaha self portrait procrastination = lame

will post riverfront finals soon... for some reason there was an issue uploading them. ):


Busy Week Ahead

Got the script for the comic and boy is it awesome! I love a good challenge, and this is definitely it. It'll be black and white so that's good - it'll save time and money. 

Also, I have been so busy that I completely forgot to even mention that our NEW PUPPY is back from the hospital, safe and sound! I drew her while she was sleeping the other night. 


St. Louis 4th of July Trip - sketch post

Whew! Finally have these doodles from the Cardinal's 4th of July game against the Cubs (BIG rivals). It was a great game. The fans were the most fun. I drew some of them, but mostly the stadium and some Cubs in a not-so-flattering way. Hey, I can be a good sport, just not all the time.

I tried on the perspective drawings - they could be better, but oh well. Perspective onsite without an eraser or ruler is harrrd... Whine whine whine...