Dickens Fair fun at the PRB

...based on a photo by the lovely Virginia Solomon - I'm sad I missed that day!


Spooky Holiday Time

I have no idea why this is partly black and white and partly in color. I just kinda felt like doing it that way. I drew this thinking of "A Christmas Carol" as well as Dickens Fair and a lot of the Dark Garden windows my friends model in. It's some kind of mish-mash.


A Bee In Your Bonnet

The bees must've been around ...if you used real flowers in your hat. 

I've been looking at 1890s fashion plates and the hats are something else but oh man... those SHOULDERS. See? They can't even fit in the composition! 


Thursday tea time drawing

I'm still feeling inspired by Crocuses (and Cinderella's mother) so I just had to let this out. 


Oh, Crystal Allen...

...you sassy lady. My mom and grandmother and I loved the movie "The Women" and would watch it together a lot. Our favorite line:



I've been reading through the book Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur, and I felt compelled after the chapter on Mary to do a little doodle based on her Magnificat, aka "Song of Praise".  It's been really great to read about all these women and how God worked in their lives!